Servicing & Repairs

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Gears grinding your teeth? Punctures perplexing you? Let us get you riding again!

We have two fully equipped workshops at our bases in Arbroath and Dundee. Our team of Velotech qualified mechanics will ensure your bicycle is in good hands! We are also a recognised Scottish Qualifications Authority provider of SCQF and National 3 and 4 qualifications in Bicycle Maintenance ensuring we can train volunteers in house to nationally recognised standards!

Bronze Bike Service - £30*

Our fully trained mechanics can fully check your brakes and gears as part of our bronze bike service. Your bronze bike service will include:

  • Safety check of the bike and any issues noted
  • Checking and adjusting your bike brakes (note that hydraulic brakes may incur an extra charge)
  • Checking and adjusting your bike gears
  • Inflating tyres to correct pressures

Silver Bike Service - £60*

Our fully trained mechanics can provide a comprehensive check over and component adjustment as part as a 31 point silver bike service. Your silver bike service will include:

  • Checking frame and other core components for wear and damage.
  • Checking wheels are true and hubs, spokes,rims and tyres for damage.
  • Alignment of brakes and checking operation and effectiveness
  • Lubricating chain and checking for wear.
  • Inspecting brake pads for wear and damage.
  • Setting gear stops and adjustment of indexing.
  • Checking front chainrings, rear freewheel/cassette for wear.
  • Inspecting bottom bracket for play and adjustment.
  • Checking alignment and wear of front and rear gear mechanisms.
  • Checking bearings, crank bolts and pedals for wear and damage.
  • Full valet of bike using MucOff products

Gold bike service £90*

Includes all the work carried out in a Silver Service plus:


  • Frame threads checked and cleaned, frame and disc mounts faced if required.
  • Remove and inspect wheels for damage to hubs, bearings, spokes, rims and tyres.
  • Remove both axles, degrease and inspect bearings.
  • Remove cassette and inspect freehub (if fitted) for signs of wear.
  • Lubricate and rebuild both wheel bearing assemblies.

Chains and Gears

  • Inspect bottom brackets; if loose type strip clean, lube and adjust/if sealed type and play is present replace at cost.


  • Headset removed, cleaned, re-greased if applicable, refitted and checked for movement

Bicycle Repairs

Our mechanics can carry out comprehensive repair work to your broken bike. Repairs are priced individually, please call the shop on 01241 873500 for advice or click the button below to book your bike in and a member of our team will get back in contact.

To view a comprehensive list of our labour and repair costs CLICK HERE

Pick up and Delivery Service

We offer a convenient local pickup and delivery service for the Angus and Dundee area for £10.

*Prices quoted do not include parts and are for labour only.